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We have been serving New Thought for quite some time and have heard a lot of feedback about how some books are presented online. Some of you wanted to be able to cut and paste texts and could not because of the way certain texts were served. We serve our texts to you to maximize the possibility of you using these texts for research, for teaching and always with pleasure.
Please write us with suggestions. This site is here for you, the spiritual seeker. If you have a Public Domain work which you feel should be included in our library, we would be happy to do so after reviewing it. If you are a writer of New Thought, we would be happy to review your work for possible hosting.

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Mary Baker Eddy
has a special place in the History of New Thought. Having gathered her ideas from Phineas Quimby, she added her own and founded a church based on her "revelation".
Tools of Transformation

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